Sunday, June 30, 2013

[HACK] Bubble Witch Saga (iOS & Android)


Bubble Witch Saga hack for iOS (All versions)
Bubble Witch Saga v2.3.3 Hack foe Android
 Bubble Witch Saga

Playstore Link: Here

APK info:
Name of Game: Bubble Witch
Version: 2.3.3
Root Needed?: YES/NO

Name of cheat:
Moves mod, 200 per level
Gold and Lives mod for root users
Facebook sync working for progress
Facebook sync working for Gold Coins
Modded score targets for 3 star, almost impossible to get less than 3 stars per level, this gets magic scrolls open faster

Credit To: CrewFUBAR

Manual Step:
Modded APK for Non-rooted and rooted devices,.. Open and sync....enjoy

1: Make a backup if you can
2: Uninstall play store version and Facebook app, or disable it in Settings --> Applications --> Facebook
3: Download modded version
Download Link: Mediafire Zippyshare
4: Install modded version
5: Login with your Facebook account
6: Done!

Manual Step for root users:
Coins/Lives Mediafire Zippyshare
Boosters/Lives Mediafire Zippyshare

OK the good stuff for root money and free boosters...
1: install modded apk and open at least once to create the folders and files we need to modify, then force close it.
2: download the mod you want, coins and lives or boosters and lives, you can combine them in order if you want, coins/lives must be done first(do this only one time for the coins and lives,the amount of the coins will be forever on there servers ,use the booster and lives so much you like)
3: rename the downloaded file from .zip to .xml
4: copy or move renamed file(remember coins/lives first) to /data/data/com.midasplayer.apps.bubblewitch/files... make sure you delete the userdata.xml first before pasting the new file
5: open Bubble Witch and sign into Facebook, congrats, you now have 999999999 coins on the online desktop version to..yay you
6: force close Bubble Witch again and repeat the steps, downloading, renaming and replacing the userdata file with the booster/lives one and now you have 999999999 of each magic scroll and in game power ups, unfortunately these aren't synced to Facebook, but hey you got tons of money anyway, oh, btw, after doing this one, the magic potions will show 1 each but guess what, that's right they will always show 1 each...

Notes: We tried to make the money and boosters easier even went so far as to make a flashable .zip from recovery but no go, the game wouldn't open after flash so it's got to be the hard way but if you like the game then it worth it. I actually enjoy this game now with these mods



  1. Can't hack for iOS. I saw only "uderdata.xml" in the zip file but u said "Document" folder.

  2. i meant put the xml file. not documents

  3. Doesnt work for iso

    Where do you place the userdata.xml file?

  4. /var/mobile/Applications/Bubble Witch/Documents

  5. Doesn't work with new latest version :(
    Please create a new one...

  6. the game was patched... looking for new hack

  7. HACK!5-5/ -


  9. Unfortunately, there is no userdata.xml file. It looks like it was likely moved to the savegame file (which is a dat file).

  10. But thank you anyways. :)

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